Peter’s Bio

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September 28,2009

There is so much to put here! For so many things in life less is more. I've done so much in so many ways in the field and in  the community... at some point this page will be built and organized!

I wanted to put this some where: Having won another gold on the 2005 Old Vine Zinfandel at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, I was also honored for growing the gold medal grapes - Again!  It took a little while to sink in: It is the 4th such award I've received in this highly competitive field in nine years! -One for the Sweepstakes (best) Red of all Sonoma County Red Wines and Three for Gold in the High-End Zinfandel Class. The three previous awards were for the Grapes I grew that were designated in other's wines (they also collect 90 to 94 on every vintage from parker...). They no longer bother to enter that wine in competition and I didn't enter here till recently so I only had a chance at a grower recognition award about half of these last nine years!  I should really get the word out- I still hear a winery with the resources to brag 10 times a day in a paid drive-time radio commercial about the one bronze medal they have on a previous vintage on their low quality "rat-gut" wine they mass market!


                           2009 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Grower Award for Growing the Gold Medal High Class Zinfandel



–Peter Fanucchi