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Trousseau Gris or the Old Vine Zinfandel?

Many ask, "which are you most famous for; the Trousseau Gris (Troo-so-gree) or the Old Vine Zinfandel?" By all accounts, both the Fanucchi Vineyards Trousseau Gris & the Old Vine Zinfandel are outstanding wines. As far as the "rarity scale" in wine grape farming goes, both rate some where between the zenith finest fraction of one percent to the only one in California of it's respective type! Both are the products of Peter Fanucchi's personal hands-on-labor, inseparable from his passion & faith. For over 1/3 of a century, Peter's radical, unique farming practices have been preserving these plants in a healthy environment and now the fine rare nectar produced here is captured in each Fanucchi Vineyards' bottle with a special refreshing balance that puts both in a class all their own!

To learn about where they come from, how Peter grows & crafts them into wine, & their "normal tasting notes" go to Trousseau Gris  or the Old Vine Zinfandel. (or both!)


2006 Trousseau Gris Beat all white wines to get the Sweep Stakes at the 2009 North of The Gate wine Competition in the heart of Sonoma / Napa wine country - Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Vigonier... The 2005 Old Vine Zinfandel, released September 2009 already has a 90 point rating from Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine and a Gold from the San Francisco Wine Competition


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